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Patient File Perfection: Power User Tips for Aspiring RadarOpus Wizards

The RadarOpus Patient File contains some super-useful functions that most people don't use. Luke will show you how he uses it to its maximum potential. Including: ✔️ How to grade and sort symptoms / sections of text ✔️ How to tag symptoms and create your own tags ✔️ How to extract the important symptoms ✔️ ...

Part 3: Build Repertory Skills by Studying Cured Cases

In this session, we will study and 'reverse engineer' cured cases from historical literature. This approach will help us better understand the thinking of Master homeopaths and improve our own analysis and prescribing skills. Covered topics will include the use of pathological rubrics, individualizing symptoms, researching differentials, and remedy repetition.

Search Secrets: Power User Tips for Aspiring RadarOpus Wizards with Luke Norland

If you've mastered the art of searching the expansive library of RadarOpus, then you have the key which unlocks the door to repertorial wizardry! In this webinar, we will cover: ✔️Knowing which terms to search ✔️Using wildcards to improve accuracy ✔️How to combine results from one or multiple repertories ✔️ How to research remedies, their ...