Homeopathy Around the World : Dr. Farokh Master

Homeopathy Around the World:
Interview with Dr. Farokh Master by Dr. Timothy Miller

It’s an incredible experience to have a private audience with a living legend, and this candid conversation with Dr. Farokh Master is no exception! As a medical doctor, he carries the distinction of being the first homeopath with a medical degree in India, and currently practices oncology medicine, using homeopathy to manage pain symptoms in hospital and hospice settings in Mumbai.

Through great success in his work and a palpable devotion to his patients, Dr. Master is a tremendous force in the integration of homeopathic medicine with conventional healthcare. Between full days of clinical care, publishing evidence-based research, and penning dozens of books on various homeopathy topics, it is a wonder that Dr. Master was able to carve out thirty minutes to chat with us–and we are beyond grateful that he did.

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