Payment Plan for Student Practitioner

Payment Plan for Student Practitioner Grand Total: $499.99 USD

Enter your desired down payment and desired monthly payment below and our system will let you know what payment plan we can actually offer.

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You will be charged today and then monthly for months starting on August 14, 2024 for a grand total of $499.99 USD.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive access after starting my payment plan?
After starting a payment plan, we will send you an all-access activation code and installation instructions within 24-48 business hours. Orders are processed manually and it takes us this amount of time for processing.
What type of access will I have while I am on a payment plan?
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Can I purchase add-ons or upgrades that are on sale while I am on a payment plan?
Can I purchase a discounted package on a payment plan?
Can I change the credit card I am using for my payment plan?
Are payment plan payments refundable?
What happens if I miss a payment?
What forms of payment do you accept for payment plans?
Can I pay my payment plan off sooner?
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