Add-Ons : Concepts

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Concepts Bundle #1

This concepts bundle includes Acute Diseases Concepts, RadarOpus’ Concepts, Mateu's First Aid Manual Concepts, Servais’ Index Concepts, and Zulian’s Themes Concepts.

Concepts Bundle #2

This concepts bundle includes Dragos’ Mind Concepts, Lara’s Latent Psora Concepts, Petrucci’s Children Concepts, and Valdares' Semiological Guide Concepts.

BAR, Marc - Veterinary Concepts

With this concepts feature, the author has provided symptoms for cats, dogs, cattle, birds, guinea pigs, horses, and pigs, as well as general lists for any animal, any carnivore, and any mammal. The symptoms provided help the practitioner identify rubrics they can then select and quickly add to their repertorization for case analysis.

A must-have for veterinary homeopaths.