Families Repertory and Interactive Map by Grant Bentley

Families Repertory and Interactive Map by Grant Bentley, available as add on radaropus homeopathic software program

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This is a product by Grant Bentley, a leading homeopath and author from Australia. The product consists of a book and a software that help homeopaths to use the method of Homeopathic Facial Analysis (HFA) and the theory of miasms and survival instincts to prescribe remedies. The book, titled Appearance and Circumstance, explains the principles and practice of HFA, which involves identifying the dominant miasm of a patient based on their facial features. The book also describes the 10 miasms and their corresponding survival instincts, which are the unconscious forces that drive human behavior and emotions. The book provides case examples, photographs, charts and tables to illustrate the HFA method and its clinical outcomes. The software, titled Families Repertory and Interactive Map, is a tool that helps homeopaths to find the best remedy for their patients based on HFA. The software contains a repertory of 66 remedy families that are grouped according to their miasms and survival instincts. The software also contains an interactive map that shows the relationships and connections between the remedy families. The software allows homeopaths to search, compare and analyze the remedy families and their symptoms. The product is a valuable resource for homeopaths who want to learn and apply the HFA method and the theory of miasms and survival instincts in their practice.

Some of the benefits of having this book are:

  • You can learn a novel and effective method of homeopathic prescribing based on facial features and survival instincts.
  • You can improve your accuracy and confidence in finding the simillimum for your patients.
  • You can expand your knowledge of the materia medica and discover new remedy families and their characteristics.
  • You can access a comprehensive and user-friendly repertory and interactive map that help you to navigate the remedy families and their symptoms.
  • You can appreciate the role and value of miasms and survival instincts in homeopathy and human psychology.

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