DIMITRIADIS, George – The Bönninghausen Repertory – 2e (TBR2)


This is the most accurate English re-translation of Bönninghausen’s Therapeutisches Taschenbuch (Boenninghausen’s Therapeutic Pocket Book), carefully corrected with reference to his original manuscript. This new second edition has been thoroughly revised. Less reliable information has been removed, while the overall amount of content has actually grown, due to a massive volume of endnotes contributed by the author giving the homeopath an understanding of the contextual meaning of individual rubrics. In that way, it succeeds like no other repertory in helping us use the classical remedies.

This is a much improved translation of the T.F. Allen edition Boenninghausen’s Therapeutic PocketBook. According to the editor, George Dimitriadis, Hahnemann commended Boenninghausen because the structure and contents of this repertory most precisely reflect the observations and teachings of Hahnemann. Dimitriadis carefully outlines Boenninghausen’s method, which helps immensely to find which symptoms are crucial for remedy selection. He then presents the repertory, which he has diligently corrected and rearranged to be more clear and user-friendly for clinical practice. The original Concordances chapter (1846) has been replaced with Boenninghausen’s more recent (1853) list of remedy relationships. Finally, each of the 2,695 rubrics is numbered, so that it can be referenced to the 69 pages of endnotes, for explanations and references to the original German. A meticulous work, this book should be in the library of every classical homeopath.

Please Note: In RadarOpus, this item includes all text and endnotes of TBR2 (which are fully and easily searchable), The Bönninghausen Repertory itself, as well as Concordances (a family repertory highlighting antidotes and noxious remedies).