Farokh Master Bundle

Farokh Master Bundle available as add on in RadarOpus Homeopathic Repertory software program

$276.00 USD

Please note: this is a digital product only available in RadarOpus.

This bundle contains:

  • Hair Loss Repertory
  • Homeopathic Dictionary of dreams
  • Homeopathy in Cancer
  • Homeopathy in Cervical Spondylosis
  • Lycopodium
  • Mysterious Thuja
  • Naja Naja Naja [1st Ed.]
  • A proving of Moccasin Snake [Toxicophis]
  • Perceiving rubrics of the mind
  • Sandy Silicea
  • Snakes in Homeopathic Grass
  • St-Ignatius Bean
  • Suppressed Staphysagria
  • Sycotic shame
  • The Bed Side Organon of Medicine
  • The Fascinating Fungi
  • The State of Mind that affects Foetus
  • Tubercular Miasm Tuberculins [simplified and explained] [2nd Ed.]
  • Ammoniums: The Sour Prunes
  • Tumours and homoeopathy
  • Clinical Observations of Children’s Remedies
  • Homeopathic Treatment of Acute Cardio-respiratory Failure
  • Lacs in Homeopathy
  • A Homoeopathic Proving of Bungarus Fasciatus (Banded Krait)
  • Bitis arietans – A Homoeopathic Proving
  • Echis carinatus – Saw Scaled Viper – A Homoeopathic Proving
  • The Web Spinners
  • Oxyuranus scutellatus – Taipan – A Homoeopathic Proving
  • Homeopathic Proving of Naja haje, Naja mossambica palida and Ophiophagus hannah
  • Agitated Argentums
  • Bed-wetting [Enuresis]
  • Diseases of the Skin [Including of Exanthemata]

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