Polarity Analysis by Heiner Frei

Polarity Analysis by Heiner Frei - available as add on in RadarOpus repertory software program

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Please note: this is a digital product only available in RadarOpus.

Heiner Frei’s Polarity Analysis contains 2 parts:

  • REPERTORY – A Therapeutic Pocketbook Repertory authorized by Heiner Frei based on the 1846 original work of Clemens von Boenninghausen. This repertory incorporates changes to symptoms, remedies, degrees, and polar symptoms made by Heiner Frei in all of his updates.
  • MODULE – The module feature within RadarOpus enables you to find, record, and analyze symptoms using Heiner Frei’s method. It identifies the strongest indicated remedy based on polarity. 

    When a polar symptom exists for a given rubric, you’ll see a yin-yang-like icon at the end of the rubric:

    Not all rubrics have polar symptoms. Observe how some rubrics lack the yin-yang-like symbol:

    After adding your rubrics to the clipboard and conducting the polarity analysis, remedies will consider polar symptoms. Generally, the remedy with the greatest polarity difference is the strongest indicated remedy:

    More on Polarity Analysis:

    Polarity analysis (PA) is an evolution of Boenninghausen’s concept of contraindications. It serves to determine the likelihood of healing for each homeopathic medicine in individual cases. Polarity analysis relies on the revised edition of Boenninghausen’s Therapeutic Pocketbook, a highly reliable repertory. Dr. Heiner Frei developed the method of POLARITY ANALYSIS to address both acute and chronic cases. Boenninghausen aimed to match a patient’s symptom set, especially modalities, as closely as possible to the essence of the remedy.The remedy’s essence includes modalities, sensations, and clinical findings consistently observed during provings at various locations, all healed by the same remedy. These characteristics define a remedy.

    Polar symptoms exhibit opposing aspects, or “opposite poles,” such as thirst/thirstlessness, aggravation from cold/amelioration from cold, desire for fresh air/dislike of fresh air.

    A patient presents only one pole of a polar symptom – either thirsty or thirstless. As a remedy’s symptom set is compiled from observations by several provers, it might potentially cover both poles. These poles typically appear at different grades. For instance, if five provers observed thirst and the remedy alleviated thirst, thirst would be classified in the third grade. If one prover also noted thirstlessness for the same remedy, thirstlessness would be considered first grade. To select the remedy, we must understand polarity difference and its calculation. Polarity difference signifies the level of congruence between patient symptoms and the homeopathic remedy.

    A higher polarity difference indicates a stronger alignment between the remedy and the patient’s characteristic symptoms, assuming no contraindications are present.

    Watch a YouTube Video with Dr. Heiner Frei on Polarity Analysis

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