MASTER, Farokh – Clinical Observations of Children’s Remedies – 3e


This book by Dr. Farokh Master is perhaps the best materia medica on children’s remedies presently available. Written by a highly respected homeopath from India, this book is a reliable textbook that is useful for all homeopaths, especially those working with pediatrics. This is not just a materia medica, Dr. Master also writes about how to take the cases and what is important to observe in children. As part of the third edition, new remedies are included!

“Our children are our future. Our future starts with providing the best health care for our children. Dr. Farokh Masters explains in great detail and clarity the perfect approach to the child, the qualities one needs to possess to be a great homeopathic pediatrician, while providing an in-depth materia medica of remedies geared at the child.
An invaluable book for any practitioner who wants to bring a smile to the face of the parents.”
-Luc de Schepper

“With his extraordinary Indian sensibility, Farokh Master gives us a new approach to pediatric practice in this book: how to take the case, what is important to observe in children, materia medica of small, useful remedies … I have no doubt about the success of this masterpiece of homoeopathic literature!”
-Didier Grandgeorge