Materia Medica Made Easy by Subrata K. Banerjea

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This is a book by Dr. Subrata Kumar Banerjea, a distinguished homeopath and teacher from India. The book aims to simplify the study of materia medica by presenting the key features and characteristics of 300 homeopathic remedies in a concise and easy-to-remember format. The book covers the remedies from A to Z, with each remedy having a brief introduction, a summary of its mental and physical symptoms, a list of its modalities and relationships, and some clinical tips and cases. The book also includes some useful tables and charts for quick reference and comparison. The book is a handy guide for students and practitioners who want to master the materia medica and apply it effectively in their practice.

Some of the benefits of having this book are:

  • You can learn the essential features and symptoms of 300 homeopathic remedies in a clear and concise way.
  • You can improve your memory and retention of the materia medica by using the mnemonics and keywords provided in the book.
  • You can enhance your understanding and application of the remedies by reading the clinical tips and cases from the author’s experience.
  • You can compare and contrast the remedies by using the tables and charts that show their similarities and differences.
  • You can access the information quickly and easily by using the alphabetical order and the index of the book.

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