RadarOpus 2.0 | Book Bundle


This bundle includes the following 21 books, coming from these 3 packages:
1) 19 Volumes on Provings Bundle
2) MASTER, Farokh – Lacs in Homeopathy
3) NEESGAARD, Per – The Man, the Miasm, and the Modality

19 Volumes on Provings Bundle

This is a 19 volume set of the following books on homeopathic provings:

  • ARNDT H., First Lessons in the Symptomatology of Leading Homeopathic Remedies (ath1)
  • BENASSINI S., Chanel n° 5 Proving (bsd1)
  • COHEN S., MANSHARI T., Monosodium glutamate – MSG Proving (chs1)
  • EBERLE H.,RITZER F., Uranium metallicum (ebh1)
  • EBERLE H., RITZER.F, Haliaeetus leucocephalus (ebh4)
  • HUENECKE J-A., Homeopathic Proving of Samarium cobaltum magneticum (hnj6)
  • HUENECKE J-A., Homeopathic Proving of Lanthanum metallicum (hnj8)
  • HUENECKE J-A., Homeopathic Proving of Promethium muriaticum (hnj9)
  • RENOUX H., Proving of Cuscuta europaea (rnh6)
  • RITZER F.,EBERLE H., Plutonium – the suppression of the person’s nucleus (rzf1)
  • RITZER F.,EBERLE H., Scorpio europeus (rzf2)
  • RITZER F.,EBERLE H., Hochstein aqua (rzf3)
  • RITZER F.,EBERLE H., Excrementum caninum (rzf4)
  • RITZER F.,EBERLE H., Placenta proving (rzf5)
  • SMAL L., Homoeopathic Proving of Naja mossambica (sll1)
  • SPADA M.,ARENA G.,NOCIFORA R., MATERA M., Homeopathic Research Study on Titanium metallicum (sdm1)
  • TAYLOR L., Homoeopathic Proving of Naja mossambica (tly1)
  • THAKAR M., The Homoeopathic Proving of Blatta orientalis (tkm1)
  • TUMMINELLO P., Twelve Jewels (tmo4)


MASTER, Farokh – Lacs in Homeopathy

A search for a deeper understanding and the themes of the most frequently used Lac remedies. Expanded with pathogenesis, natural history, proving and clinical cases. Includes: Lac Humanum, Lac Equinum, Lac Delphinum, Lac Leoninum, Lac Felinum, and Lac Vaccinum Defloratum!

NEESGAARD, Per – The Man, the Miasm, and the Modality

This book outlines:
– Homeopathic understanding of Man in Health and in ‘disease’
– Practical examples on applied Homeopathic cognition
– How Man can cure himself!
– When, why, and if the polarity of a modality can change depending on the miasmatic phase
– A notorious Paradigm for Classical Homeopathic treatment
– The compendium describes the fundamental principles in a logical way
– The compendium is used as introduction to the Education on Classical Homeopathy in Denmark.

Remedy Information Highlights from The Man, The Miasm and the Modality – A Homeopathic Paradigm by Per Neesgaard:
Chelidonium wants himself to be the objective of his cognition. He wants to understand himself out of himself.
In relation to this demand, he feels his ability for cognition is disturbed.
He wants the purpose to be himself, only to get to know himself. He has therefore no interest in other people.

The guiding motive of Chocolate is to be able to act instinctively and surely, to be able to penetrate and see through things. The consequence of this is an uncertainty in action, as if there were a gap between thought and action. Chocolate feels excluded from all things. The guiding motive may be summarized as the contrast between nature (=instinct) and culture (=conscious action). Firstly, he feels excluded, forsaken, isolated, and lonely in relation to everything and everyone. He stands outside everything and can neither adjust himself to nature nor among people. Secondly, he does not know what to do. He considers something, but is unable to translate it into action. The matter of course involved in translating thoughts and conceptions into action is destroyed, as if there were a gap in between. In the compensation for the loss, he wants to try to show that he is capable of spontaneous and intuitive action, and to do that which at the moment is necessary and right. The emphasis might lie on a simple and natural lifestyle, where only the most basic things are needed. Living in harmony with nature and the animals. Living independent of human conventions.