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17 Repertories Bundle

This bundle includes the following repertories:
* Bhatia, V.R. - Miniature Repertory of Remedies in the Common Cold
* Boger, C.M. - Characteristics and Repertory
* Boger, C.M. - Synoptic Key of the Materia Medica
* Boger, C.M. - General Analysis
* Boericke, W. - Repertory in Pocket Manual
* Phatak, S.R. - Concise Repertory
* Choudhury, H. - Hints for Treatment of Cancer
* Clarke, J.H. - Clinical Repertory
* Drake, O.M. - Repertory of Warts and Condylomata
* Foster, J. - Toothache and its Cure
* Guernsey, W.J. - Repertory of Hemorrhoids
* Master, F.J. - Hair Loss
* Pulford, A. and T.D. - Repertory of Pneumonia
* Roberts, H. - Sensations As If
* Sudarshan, S.R. - Repertory of Non-Malarial Fevers
* Sukumaran, N. - Main Symptoms of Heart Problems
* Ward, J. - Sensations As If

BOENNINGHAUSEN, Clemens von - Therapeutic Pocketbook with Polar Symptom Analysis

This item includes both the Therapeutic PocketBook and the Polar Symptom Analysis module, which allows the practitioner to complete a Polar Symptom Analysis using The Boenninghausen Repertory.

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DEGROOTE, Filip - Muscles, Nerves, & Vertebrae Repertory

This repertory is a compilation of all known and applied homeopathic remedies by the author (about 2,000 remedies) and based on his unparalleled kinesiology experience. It highlights remedies related to all important muscles, nerves, and vertebrae, differentiating hypotonic versus hypertonic, left versus right, and more.

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DEGROOTE, Filip - Repertory of Dreams

The Repertory of Dreams contains about 150,000 additions to the well-known Dream Repertory of Kent, as well as Synthesis, and provides a repertory of dream themes extracted from the cases shared in Dreams: A Homeopathic Perspective by Dr. Filip Degroote (which is also available in RadarOpus, under the 'Additional Reference Materials' tab).

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DIMITRIADIS, George - The Bönninghausen Repertory - 2e (TBR2)

This is the most accurate English re-translation of Bönninghausen's Therapeutisches Taschenbuch (Boenninghausen's Therapeutic PocketBook), carefully corrected with reference to his original manuscript. This new second edition has been thoroughly revised, with less reliable information removed and a massive volume of endnotes contributed by the editor.

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MURPHY, Robin - Homeopathic Clinical Repertory - 3e

The changes made in this 3rd edition comprise Dr. Murphy's desire to create a new and easy-to-use repertory for homeopaths to use in daily practice, while still remaining accessible for use at home and in the classroom. The Homeopathic Clinical Repertory contains hundreds of new remedies and thousands of new rubrics in addition to many thousands of updates and additions.

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SHERR, Jeremy - Repertory of Mental Qualities (Q Rep) - Version 4

This is the most updated version of the Repertory of Mental Qualities. The author explains, "For many years I have been continually combining the same mental rubrics, or been frustrated over rubrics I could not find. I decided to solve these issues by creating a new repertory, The Repertory of Mental Qualities."

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TRIVEDI, Nikunj - Materia Medica of Sexual Disorders and Repertory of Infertility

This is a bundled item and includes Nikunj Trivedi's Materia Medica of Sexual Disorders and Repertory of Infertility. These books are designed for both students and practitioners and comprehensively explain human sexual disorders and infertility problems in a therapeutic manner as defined in William Boericke’s Materia Medica.

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