Bach Flowers Remedies by Cornelia Richardson-Boedler (Bundle)

Bach Flowers Remedies by Cornelia Richardson-Boedler (Bundle), available as add on in radaropus homeopathic software program

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Please note: this is a digital product only available in RadarOpus.

3 insightful Materia Medica volumes detailing 38 Bach Flower remedies available to add to your RadarOpus library.

Bach Flowers Remedies explores the use of Bach flower therapy in combination with homeopathy for treating psychosomatic illnesses. The author, Dr. Cornelia Richardson-Boedler, is a board-certified naturopathic physician, licensed psychotherapist, and forensic examiner, who has extensive experience and training in both modalities. The book covers the history, philosophy, and principles of Bach flower therapy and homeopathy, as well as the Materia Medica, repertory, and case studies of both systems. The book aims to provide a comprehensive and practical guide for practitioners and students who want to integrate Bach flower therapy and homeopathy in their practice.

Some of the benefits of using Bach flower therapy and homeopathy together:

  • Address both the emotional and physical aspects of health problems, as well as the underlying causes.
  • Complement each other and enhance the healing process by stimulating the body’s own natural defenses.
  • Offer a gentle, safe, and non-toxic alternative or adjunct to conventional treatments, without any side effects or interactions.
  • Can be tailored to the individual needs and preferences of each patient, based on their personality, symptoms, and history.
  • Can help people cope with stress, anxiety, depression, and other emotional issues that affect their well-being.

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