Homeopathy and Minerals by Jan Scholten

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This book describes the use of minerals in homeopathy. The remedies that are discussed are mostly combination remedies, or salts. Especially unknown remedies are discussed, such as Calcium muriaticum en Barium fluoratum.

The method of analyzing used in this book is of the highest importance. The method is called ‘Group analysis’. The essential characteristics are extracted from a group of remedies with the same element, for instance Natrium. These characteristics are then applied to all the Natriums like Natrium fluoratum. This group analysis makes it possible to predict the homeopathic pictures of unknown remedies. It’s a creative way to handle the huge amount of information in homeopathy. The reader of this book will be able to advance on the road of developing new pictures with the aid of the group analysis.

For those interested in Group Analysis, the Periodic Table module in RadarOpus will be an extremely helpful tool.

Book Outline of Content
Acknowledgments 7
Foreword 9
Introduction 11
Disease as creation 15
Group analysis 23

Cations 27
The Calciums 27
The Magnesiums 29
The Kaliums 31
The Natriums 33
Enkelvoudige middelen 35

The Carbonicums 37
Graphites 39
Calcium carbonicum 41
Magnesium carbonicum 43
Natrium carbonicum 47

The Muriaticums 49
Chlorum 51
Calcium muriaticum 53
Magnesium muriaticum 57
Kalium muriaticum 61
Natrium muriaticum 65

The Sulphuricums 67
Sulphur 69
Calcium sulphuricum 71
Magnesium sulphuricum 75
Kalium sulphuricum 79
Natrium sulphuricum 83

The Phosphoricums 85
Phosphor 89
Calcium phosphoricum 91
Magnesium phosphoricum 95
Kalium phosphoricum 99
Natrium phosphoricum 103

The Bariums 107
Barium carbonicum 109
Barium muriaticum 111
Barium sulphuricum 115
Barium phosphoricum 119

The Acidums 123
Sulphuricum acidum 125
Phosphoricum acidum 129

The Ammoniums 133
Ammonium carbonicum 135
Ammonium muriaticum 139
Ammonium sulphuricum 143
Ammonium phosphoricum 147

The Nitricums 151
Nitricum acidum 153
Calcium nitricum 155
Kalium nitricum 159
Natrium nitricum 163
Barium nitricum 167

The Fluoratums 171
Calcium fluoratum 173
Magnesium fluoratum 177
Kalium fluoratum 181
Natrium fluoratum 185
Barium fluoratum 189

The Bromatums 193
Bromum 195
Calcium bromatum 199
Magnesium bromatum 203
Kalium bromatum 207
The Iodatums 211
Magnesium iodatum 213
Kalium iodatum 217
Natrium iodatum 221

The Ferrum group 225
Vanadium 227
Kalium bichromicum 233
Chromium metallicum 235
Manganum 241
The Ferrums 247
Ferrum metallicum 249
Ferrum muriaticum 251
Ferrum sulphuricum 255
Ferrum phosphoricum 259
Ferrum iodatum 263
Niccolum 267
Cuprum 271
Zincum 273

Addenda 275
Argentum metallicum 275
The times 283
The time table285
Epiloque 289
Bibliography 293
The periodic table of elements 294

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