SCHOLTEN, Jan – Wad Stories 2


Since the first tour was so successful, the group set off on another sailing trip. Imagine a homeopathic seminar with 13 experienced Dutch colleagues who are your best friends. Imagine the location of the seminar being a very special holiday ‘setting’: sailing on a clipper on the Wad-sea amidst of the islands in the North of Holland. Imagine that every meal is very special, so that you have the impression you are living on a floating restaurant. And then, last but not least, the whole atmosphere of the week is colored by an impressive proving of a new ‘bird-remedy’: the Albatross.

This book will offer you a unique ‘melange’ of all the lectures from September 2001 trip and will bring you some new remedies like Naphthalinum, Humulus lupulus, Lithium sulphuricum, Toxoplasmosis, Coffea, Lac maternum, Lecithinum, Anacardium, Juglans regia, Sumbul, Calcarea iodatum, and Platinum.

Have a taste of this special Dutch homeopathic bland!