Materia Medica of Sexual Disorders and Repertory of Infertility by Nikunj Trivedi (Bundle)

Materia Medica of Sexual Disorders and Repertory of Infertility by Nikunj Trivedi (Bundle), available as add on in radaropus homeopathic software program

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This is a bundled item and includes Nikunj Trivedi’s Materia Medica of Sexual Disorders and Repertory of Infertility.

Materia Medica of Sexual Disorders:
Designed for students and practitioners, Materia Medica of Sexual Disorders comprehensively explain human sexual disorders and infertility problems in a therapeutic manner as defined in William Boericke’s Materia Medica. In this study, author Nikunj Trivedi, who has worked more than twenty-eight years as a homeopathic practitioner, discusses the use of clinical homeopathy with a variety of reproductive diseases. Trivedi portrays the essential interrelationships between the disease and drug picture in a comparative manner and offers alternatives to those interested in practicing clinical homeopathy in disorders of reproductive conditions where prolonged use of conventional medicine results in side effects. With illustrations included, Materia Medica of Sexual Disorders offers a comprehensive review of both the male and female reproductive systems. It provides information on more than 300 homeopathic remedies and the treatment results for both males and females. This reference guide will help homeopathic clinicians in the effective treatment of their patients.

Repertory of Infertility:
This book is intended to explain the human sexual disorders and infertility problems in a comprehensive and therapeutic manner, without detailed clinical explanations to the new generation of dynamic Homeopaths with innovative approach towards practice. The aim of the book is to help and encourage Homeopathic students, interns, and practitioners to learn and to understand to use the clinical Homeopathy in the process of building successful scientific evidence based Homeopathic practice. The idea for this book dawned after coming across many clinical conditions during his clinical training and work experience in Gynecology and Obstetric Department. Here the comparison has shown the Disease picture`s comparison with the drug picture. It’s a comparative clinical approach. Many of the patients are seen repeatedly by practitioners, which require non-invasive, free from side-effects, non-addictive, immune-booster, easy compliance and palatability-based treatment. Homeopathy stands out as their first choice, within its limitations. Dr. William Boericke has explained in his Materia Medica, many clinical conditions with drug indication.

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