What are the differences between engines, books, and packages?

Engines are the functionality of the program like clipboards, search features, patient management features, and repertory editing tools. Books are the actual content of the program like repertories, materia medica, and other reference materials.

When you upgrade your engine, you don’t change the books/references of your program, you simply upgrade the functionality of the program.
When you add more books to your program, you don’t change the functionality available in your program, you simply add more content.

Package upgrades include both an engine upgrade and a book upgrade. You can view all of the packages here. To view an exhaustive list of package comparisons, click here.

What are the different engines offered?

We have 4 engines available: Mini, Silver, Gold, and Diamond.

For a full list of differences between the engines, click here.

What are the different packages offered?

We have 4 packages available:
Package #1 – Student Practitioner (includes Mini engine)
Package #2 – Beginning Practitioner (includes Silver engine)
Package #3 – Everyday Practitioner (includes Gold engine)
Package #4 – Advanced Practitioner (includes Diamond engine)

For a full list of differences between the packages, click here.

Want to upgrade your engine? Click here.
Want to add more books? Click here.
Want to upgrade your package (engine + books)? Click here.

Not sure which package or engine you have?
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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose RadarOpus?
Here at RadarOpus, we believe that you should choose the homeopathic software that’s best for you. Of course, there are a lot of considerations that go into the decision of purchasing homeopathic software, and cost is not the least of them. Keep in mind, when it comes to the success of your homeopathic practice, the quality of your homeopathic software is of the utmost importance. And it’s a decision you only want to have to make once. Here are some reasons that people choose us over other software programs:
  • RadarOpus is the only homeopathic software to have Synthesis repertory.
  • RadarOpus is a lifetime license, not a recurring subscription service. Pay once, instead of paying monthly forever.
  • RadarOpus is available offline; an internet connection is not required.
  • You can customize your package based on your needs, so you only have to pay for what you need and want.
  • We have a proven track record; we’ve been around since the 1980s.
  • We are a passionate team committed to supporting homeopathy, supporting you in your homeopathic practice, and furthering the field.
  • We take training you in the program seriously. After you make such a significant investment, we want to be sure you know how to use it! We offer free webinars regularly and have a wide span of free training videos available 24/7 on the RadarOpus Academy website.
  • We offer free tech support via the ticketing system for all users and free live support for users running the latest version of RadarOpus.
  • We’ve seen time and time again, a user starting out with a competitor to save on upfront costs, only to ultimately switch to RadarOpus. Not only is money lost, but also lots of time in having to learn a brand new program. We highly encourage users to carefully consider their decision upfront so they only have to make this decision once. And we recommend starting with a program that will work for you in the long-term.
  • We do the best we can to work with people! If you would like to purchase RadarOpus but need a payment plan to help with budgeting, simply select the “Start Payment Plan” option for the package you would like. We’ve tried to make payment plans flexible and affordable. You can purchase a new package for as little as $99.99 down and $100 monthly.
  • We’re available by phone, email, and text message for customer service and sales-related questions.
Of course, we’re biased and think that you should choose us. But, ultimately, we want to make sure that you choose the software that’s right for you. If you have any questions to help you in the decision-making process, please let us know.
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