Meet the Team

Dr. Timothy Miller | Coordinator

Dr. Tim (ND, MAc, LAc, RA) has been working with RadarOpus for the past 6 years – ever since starting as a student rep at the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, OR. He’s a practicing naturopath and acupuncturist serving his hometown community of Lockport, NY. He loves his role as North American Coordinator because of the ability to connect with and support homeopaths across the US and Canada.

When he’s not working, you might find him travelling, running, or catching the latest blockbuster!

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Chris Mac | Tech Support

Chris Mac | Tech Support Guru

Chris Mac is the guru of Tech Support. She’s been with Radar since April of 2005 – so she has seen it all! Chris lives in Florida where she loves frequenting the beach, spending time by the pool, and caring for her pet chickens (yes, chickens!).

If you’re in need of tech support, she’s the person you want on your side. She’ll do her best to help turn around those technological blues and frustrations in no time!

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Dr. Anaheed Jackson | Training Support

Dr. Anaheed Jackson is a naturopathic medical student at the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) in Portland, OR. She has an avid interest in working with children and patients with chronic disease. She is a proud homeopathy nerd (AKA homeo head) and runs her school’s homeopathy club.

When she is not busy with school, she loves to cook and try new recipes (especially anything having to do with fermented foods!). She can also be found at her piano, playing classical pieces and teaching her students.

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Robyn van der Hoek | Customer Service

Robyn van der Hoek studied as a Social Worker in South Africa, taught English in Asia, and is now a full-time virtual assistant to a global client base! She’s a people person who loves her job!

If you are ever in need of customer support, she’ll happily answer any questions you may have! Robyn lives in Cape Town, South Africa, where she loves spending her free time hiking in the beautiful forests, reading, and cooking up a storm!

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