Paid Tutoring

RadarOpus North America Training Special with Marci Mearns RSHom(NA), CCH 

Personal, one-on-one RadarOpus training sessions that focus on practical solutions that will help your study or practice right away!

Coaching sessions are 60 minutes in length. Marci offers additional discounts for prepaid packages of 2, 3, or 4 sessions. You may start with a single session, and decide after that if you would like to purchase a package. Timing is flexible and by mutual convenience (Marci is based in California.)

You will be required to us Zoom for training sessions with Marci. You will be asked to share your computer desktop so we can work directly on your system.
If you have a case you would like to work on, please email your case in advance if possible.

* Please make arrangements in advance if you do not plan to complete your package within 90 days of purchase.

Office & Voicemail: 530-230-3887
Email: [email protected]