3-Month All-Access Pass


This is an all-access pass for RadarOpus. Valid only for pre-existing RadarOpus owners using their RadarOpus license and key!

Through the end of March, you can purchase a 3-month ALL-ACCESS pass to RadarOpus for just $99. Best part… by purchasing, you’ll get a $99 gift card to use up until one month after your pass expires, so you can snatch up any new book or feature that has grown on you! (Basically, you have nothing to lose!)

Within a few days of your purchase, we will e-mail you an activation code that will unlock ALL features, modules, repertories, materia medica, references, books, and all other materials available in RadarOpus.

All-Access Pass Price: $99
You must purchase by 3/30/18. The access will be good through 6/30/18. After this time, you will revert back to your original package.
By purchasing the All-Access Pass, you will receive a complimentary $99 gift card! Gift card expires: 7/31/18

We hope you enjoy all that RadarOpus has to offer! Happy Homeopathy-ing!