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Concepts Bundle #1

This concepts bundle includes Acute Diseases Concepts, RadarOpus’ Concepts, Mateu's First Aid Manual Concepts, Servais’ Index Concepts, and Zulian’s Themes Concepts.

Concepts Bundle #2

This concepts bundle includes Dragos’ Mind Concepts, Lara’s Latent Psora Concepts, Petrucci’s Children Concepts, and Valdares' Semiological Guide Concepts.

Veterinary Concepts by Marc Bar

Veterinary Concepts by Marc Bar is a useful and innovative repertory of concepts for veterinary homeopaths. It contains symptoms for various animals, such as cats, dogs, cattle, birds, guinea pigs, horses and pigs, as well as general lists for any animal, any carnivore and any mammal. The symptoms are based on the author's extensive experience and research in veterinary homeopathy, and they help the practitioner to identify rubrics that can be selected and added to the repertorization for case analysis. The book also includes an index of remedies and their abbreviations, and a list of references and sources. The book is written in a clear and concise style, with examples and illustrations. It is a must-have for veterinary homeopaths who want to improve their skills and knowledge in treating animals with homeopathy.

Key Features:

  • It provides a comprehensive and updated collection of symptoms for various animals, based on the author's expertise and research in veterinary homeopathy.
  • It helps the practitioner to find the most suitable rubrics for each case, by offering concepts that cover different aspects and modalities of the symptoms.
  • It saves time and effort for the practitioner, by allowing them to quickly add the selected rubrics to the repertorization and analyze the case.
  • It enhances the accuracy and reliability of the prescription, by using verified and referenced sources of information for the symptoms and remedies.
  • It expands the scope and possibilities of veterinary homeopathy, by offering symptoms for a wide range of animals and conditions that may not be found in other repertories.

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