DEGROOTE, Filip – Dreams: A Homeopathic Perspective


This book is an introduction to the Repertory of Dreams (also available in RadarOpus) and contains extensive background information on how to use dreams homeopathically. Dreams: A Homeopathic Perspective offers Materia Medica and cases for 248 remedies, many of them quiet rare. Cases are the starting point to explain the key features of the remedy and to show how analyzing the dream leads to the prescription. The Repertory of Dreams contains about 150,000 additions to the well-known Dream Repertory of Kent and Synthesis.

The first part gives an overview of the possible ways about approach and use dreams in homeopathic practice. Although homeopaths do not handle the same methods as psycho-analytic therapists, some of their approaches can be useful, especially those of Freud and Jung.

Dreams show frequently the essence, the main delusion or the deep sensation related to the indicated remedy. Signature language, as connection to the collective unconscious, often comes to us by dreams. This book shows how to use whatever dream symptom coming from a proving or clinical experience (see: additions by the author to the Repertory). This, in addition to the classical homeopathic interview, help the practitioner to identify the suitable remedy for the patient.

The second part (main part of the book) consists of alphabetically ordered examples of ‘how to work with dreams as a homeopath’. About 200 – mostly rare – remedies, unmasked by the dreams of the patient, are explained and illustrated. Of each remedy a number of cases are listed and discussed separately. At the end of each case a general conclusion is formulated.