Gemstones Bundle

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Below are the 12 books you can find in this bundle:

  • Provings of Ignis alcoholis and Succinum by Nuala Eising
  • Meditative Proving of Amber by Madeline Evans
  • Meditative Proving of Turquoise by Madeline Evans
  • A Homeopathic Proving of Perla Broome (Broome Pearl) by Alastair Grey
  • Homeopathic Proving of Lepidolite – A Mica Gemstone by J-A Huenecke
  • The Proving of Pearl Taken from the Common Mussel by John Morgan
  • The Homeopathic and Meditative Proving of Emerald by Moya Ross, Sarah Campbell
  • Lapis Lazuli, a Proving. A Pathogenesy Developed by the Team of Escola Paulista de Homeopatia by P. Rosenbaum
  • A Proving of Turquoise by Todd Rowe
  • Listening to Stone, Wood and Shell by Anne Schadde
  • Clarity and Intoxication, the Proving of Amethyst by Barbara Seideneck, J. Gregorich, A. Lockwood
  • Twelve Jewels by Peter Tumminello

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