Miasmatic Analysis Module by Proceso Sanchez Ortega

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Proceso Sanchez Ortega was the king of Miasmatic Prescribing! His Miasmatic Analysis Module in RadarOpus is an attribute to his long-standing work on the subject, and so the tradition of Ortega continues!

Gone, but not forgotten. The Ortega team, as led by Jose Matuk, has worked with the RadarOpus team to bring us this fabulous module. The Ortega team of docs and practitioners who continue Ortega’s work have gone rubric-by-rubric through Synthesis and one-by-one have provided a miasmatic assignment to the most common thousands of Synthesis rubrics! (I’m glad I didn’t have that job!).

The Ortega Miasmatic Analysis Module is a pretty nifty feature that allows you to identify the most likely miasm (between Psora, Sycosis, and Syphillis) of your patient. It determines this miasm based on the rubrics you choose for your particular case. You can then limit your repertorization to just the rubrics that are linked to the most likely miasm of your patient. As a result, your final analysis will show you the best ranked remedies for the miasm in question!

These are the notations in Synthesis rubrics for miasms using Ortega’s Miasmatic Analysis Module:

You will see these icons display in Synthesis as well as your Synthesis search findings.

  • You can change and assign miasms to any Synthesis rubric at any time.
  • After you select your given rubrics, Ortega’s Miasmatic Analysis will provide you with a
    pie graph to display the most likely miasm for that patient:

    We honor the life work of Proceso Sanchez Ortega and his legacy in homeopathy!

    For a brief biography of his life, please visit: Biography of Dr. Proceso Sanchez Ortega

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