Create and Analyse Bundle

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Please note: this is a digital product only available in RadarOpus.

With Create and Analyse bundle you can
Create Your Personal Materia Medica:

Ever wanted to tailor your Materia Medica based on your clinical experience, seminar notes, or favorite sources? Now you can! Easily craft your own Materia Medica for any remedy from our extensive database. Add chapters, throw in images, and format with bold, italics, and underlines. The best part? Your edited text is instantly searchable, making your insights accessible right when you need them.
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Craft Your Personal Repertory:
Building your own repertory is now a breeze. Whether it’s creating a clinical repertory with an alphabetical structure or adding new symptoms, cross-references, and more, RadarOpus gives you the freedom to customize. Do it in any language you prefer – it’s all about making it work for you.
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Create Custom Symptom Templates (Patient File):
Save time and streamline your analysis with custom symptom templates. Add frequently used rubrics from any repertories, create checklists, and analyze your case effortlessly. The possibilities are endless – your imagination sets the limits. Pro tip: If you’ve got bookmarks on your go-to repertory symptoms, add them to your symptom template for even more efficiency!
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Smart Symptom Edit (Patient File):
Meet your new time-saving companion! With the Smart Symptom Edit tool, you can speed up the insertion of symptoms in the Patient File. It’s all about efficiency without the hassle.

Compare Remedies with Graphs:
Making decisions just got easier with the side-by-side remedy comparison tool. Extract graphs displaying the total number of symptoms for up to 3 remedies. Dive into a detailed study and comparison of their sphere of action, helping you make informed prescription choices.
Screenshot 2023-11-14 145716Streamlined Analysis:
No more toggling between different strategies! The Analysis screen now consolidates all the different strategies into one interface. It’s a time-saver, giving you a comprehensive view without the back-and-forth hassle.
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