Milk Matters Newsletters by Patricia Hatherly

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Milk Matters is a newsletter publication written twice a year for the past decade by Patricia Hatherly. The newsletters are intended to widen your knowledge on The Lacs as a kingdom and the clinical management of breastfeeding issues.

Issues Included:

  • March 2018 Newsletter – Natrum Muriaticum and Oversupply
  • November 2017 Newsletter – Ailments From A Poor Diet – Sanicula Aqua
  • March 2017 Newsletter – The Maintaining Cause of Poor Diet during Lactation
  • November 2016 Newsletter – Too Cool for School – getting back on track with Lac Cameli Dromedarii
  • April 2016 Newsletter – DD of the three elephant provings (two milks and an ivory)
  • November 2015 Newsletter – Silent Reflux
  • March 2015 Newsletter – Not Welcome in My Country – a case of Lac Macropi Gigantei
  • November 2014 Newsletter – A Nursing Strike
  • March 2014 Newsletter – Dysphoric Milk Ejection Reflex and Lac Humanum
  • November 2013 Newsletter – Breastfeeding during open heart surgery for an aortic stenosis and ventral septal defect
  • April 2013 Newsletter – DD of Lac Macropi Gigantei / Uluru
  • July 2012 Newsletter – Finn’s Story
  • March 2012 Newsletter- DD of Lac Asinum / Lac Humanum
  • November 2011 Newsletter – Rhus tox for Nipple Trauma
  • June 2011 Newsletter – Recipe for the preservation of human milk during the weaning period
  • February 2011 Newsletter – DD of Lyssin / Lac-c / Lac-lup
  • November 2010 Newsletter – A Double Dose of Thrush
  • July 2010 Newsletter- Lac delphinum
  • March 2010 Newsletter- A Proving Response in an Infant to a Prescription of Phytolacca for Mastitis
  • November 2009 Newsletter – DD of Lac-c; Lac-h and Lac-m
  • July 2009 Newsletter- White Spot
  • April 2009 Newsletter – Lac-drom

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