Animal Mind, Human Voices by Nancy Herrick

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This book is a study of Nancy Herrick’s latest provings of eight new animal remedies: Milk of Lion, Wolf, Horse, Elephant, Dolphin, Rat’s Blood, Maiasaura Bone, and Butterfly. A pioneer in the field of provings, Nancy offers a significant contribution to the ever-expanding materia medica knowledge. Details about the proved remedies in this sensational book include descriptions of the animal, themes that arose during the proving, rubrics as well as the provers’ journals.

From the cover:
“Homeopathy as a living science must respond to the changing circumstances of life, to the changes in human awareness and understanding. We are beginning to remember, to reenter the realm where human suffering is experienced as the suffering of nature, of the plants and of the animals, of the world of which we are but a small part. Nancy Herrick’s remarkable book, in which feeling and thought are so beautifully woven together, both illuminates the path ahead for our science and contains practical information which will result in the true healing of many, many individuals.”
-Jonathan Shore, MD, DHt, MFHom, co-founder Hahnemann College of Homeopathy and Hahnemann Medical Clinic

“Nancy Herrick, a pioneer in the field of provings, is breathing new life and vitality into homeopathy. This book is a wonderful contribution to the ever-expanding body of homeopathic knowledge.”
-Judith Reichenberg-Ullman, ND, DHANP, co-author of Ritalin-Free Kids, Homeopathic Self-Care

“Nancy Herrick’s provings, elegantly conceived and presented in a manner which is both accessible and thorough, will be valued for years to come by every serious homeopath.’ -Deborah Gordon, MD ‘Animal Mind, Human Voices, by Nancy Herrick is a major contribution to understanding the ‘energetic message’ in these important new animal remedies.”
-Kenneth R. Pelletier, PhD, MD (hc), author of Sound Mind, Sound Body

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