SHORE, Jonathan – Birds: Homeopathic Remedies from the Avian Realm


This materia medica gives a detailed description of 15 birds as well as a complete overview of the avian kingdom. For each bird, the core idea is given as well as a number of outstanding key aspects. Proving information and cases from various practitioners fill out the picture of each bird. Birds covered are: Pelican, Macaw, Dove, Hawk, Owl, Heron, Eagle, Raven, Peregrine Falcon, Sacher Falcon, Vulture, Condor, Penguin, Mute and Whooper Swan, and Albatross. Other birds will be covered in a future volume. In the sample, you find a bit of the introduction and the Key Features section for the Pelican.

Birds works hand-in-hand with the included Shore’s Birds Map in RadarOpus.