PRE-PURCHASE Update to Synthesis Adonis (Latest Version of Synthesis)


Please Note: this is to pre-purchase the update to Synthesis Adonis (the latest version of Synthesis). Expected release date is December 31st, 2021.

All RadarOpus packages come with Synthesis Treasure 2009. If you would like to have access to the latest version of Synthesis repertory (Synthesis Adonis), you can do so by purchasing this upgrade. Synthesis Adonis includes over a decade’s worth of work including additions, corrections, new remedies, and new rubrics. It is a homeopathic work of genius and a compulsory addition to the homeopath’s RadarOpus repertory library!

Synthesis Adonis

  • New information
        • Provings
          • Clinical information
          • Pathological rubrics
          • Symptom notes
          • Small remedies become usable
          • New, well documented remedies
  • Corrections
          • Symptoms
          • Remedies
  • Vet and human version
  • Conversion tables from Sys2009 (all languages)
  • 3,185+ remedies described
  • COVID rubrics and remedy information added