Monera: Kingdom of Bacteria and Viruses by Frans Vermeulen

Monera: Kingdom of Bacteria and Viruses by Frans Vermeulen, available as add on in radaropus homeopathic software program

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This Materia Medica contains classification of all the bacteria and viruses that have made their way into the homeopathic pharmacopoeia. The history of disease, vaccines, medicine and religion is charted here. We see how disease and religion walk hand in glove; how the evolution of man mirrors that of the microbe. We see the myths attendant on disease and the unbelievable power of the pathogen. Our language is riddled with the language of disease this is shown in the many anecdotes and myths that lighten and balance the dry and sometimes statistical medical and scientific language.

There is often more than one remedy per bacteria (for example one remedy made from the disease product and another from the vaccine). The history and genealogy of these makes fascinating reading, and Vermeulen has implemented his sleuthing skills to unravel many irregularities.

As in The Prisma, there is a lot here to read and to ingest. The material answers some questions, but raises many much deeper questions about the roots and philosophy of disease. Controversial matter is made available, and Vermeulen, seldom commenting, offers websites for further searches. Some of the language is impenetrable, old fashioned, and some is new because this book charts the history of the microscopic world of the Monera from four billion years ago to the present and that needs a new language. The glossary helps out by elucidating obscure language from many -ologies and opathies!

What is subtly distilled is the essence of bacterial and virus sensation. These groups are coming to light as a difficult and dysfunctional family. There are the glimpses of brilliance and egocentricity that we associate with particular remedies Tuberculinum and Syphilinum. And we see in a flash familiar fingerprints in the Lyme nosode and Brucella melitensis pictures. We understand that bacterial life exists at the extremes, creating both genius and mind-numbing dullness; euphoria and prostration; dehydration and inundation.

This is a book that will make you question your very DNA. And, of course, it provides the reference tool you seek if you work in the realm of Miasmatic prescribing, or Family and Sensation. It is an informative tool regardless of which methodology you use to effect your prescription.

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