VERVARCKE, Anne – Homeopathy: Strange, Rare, and Peculiar


Exploring the boundaries of a fascinating healing system!

An van de Moortel asks profound questions, Anne Vervarcke gives extensive answers.

An van de Moortel: The important thing is that your message is positive. With homeopathy as it is today we ain’t seen nothing yet. Can you give a glimpse of this quantum leap?

Anne Vervarcke: We will develop more effective ways to get to the similimum in virtually every case and this from the first time. The success rate will go up dramatically in all good homeopathic hands and it will be no longer possible to deny or suppress.

An van de Moortel: This sounds like heaven for a homeopath.

To learn more about the Anne’s work and the Vital Approach, please visit Anne’s website or her online coursework on Naturopathic CE.