Notes on Miasms, Heredity and Nosodes by Filip Degroote – 2nd Edition

Notes on Miasms, Heredity and Nosodes by Filip Degroote - 2nd Edition, available as an add on in radaropus homeopathic software program

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This is the totally revised second edition where Dr. Filip Degroote shows how he uses classic and bowel nosodes in homeopathic case management and how he determines the right remedies by energetic points and muscle testing. Various sample cases are provided.

This book is aimed for practical use including work-procedure and illustrated by many clinical cases. Although the use of nosodal remedies in homoeopathic treatment is generally approved, there have been no clear rules for their application so far. In this book, Filip Degroote, considering his own experience, recognizes that “psoric” patients react the easiest to one fixed simillimum. But from the moment a disease depends on a more complex miasm, a succession of several remedies is necessary to cure it. The role and relationship between heredity and nosodes are considered. The role of Classic and Bowel nosodes are both explained.

Why does homeopathy fail for some patients? To solve this problem, the author is considering the energetic miasmatic point of view and a holistic approach. In this book, you can find the description of the muscles-tests needed for nosodes selection. It is not a book for a pleasant reading on holiday, but a book containing many pages of remedy and miasmatic relationships. This book is aimed to stay at hand on your desk to help you for difficult cases.

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