Miasms in Labour by Harry van der Zee

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Miasms in Labour: A Revision of the Homoeopathic Theory of the Miasms, A Process Towards Health is a stimulating and original contribution to the understanding and application of miasms in homeopathy. Miasms are a core concept in homeopathy, introduced by Hahnemann to explain the chronic diseases that afflict humanity. According to Hahnemann, there are three main miasms: psora, sycosis, and syphilis, each with its own characteristic symptoms, modalities, and remedies. In this book, Harry van der Zee, a homeopath and teacher, revises and expands the theory of miasms, using the metaphor of birth as a guide. He shows how miasms are not just pathological states, but stages of a process towards health and individuation. He explores the psychological, mythological, and spiritual aspects of each miasm, as well as their relation to the kingdoms of nature and the periodic table. He also provides practical guidelines for recognizing and treating miasms in clinical practice, with numerous case examples and repertory additions.

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